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senior citizen

By Meg Nelson

Old age is catching up with me,

I'm running as fast as I can.

I'm losing ground and can see,

years fly faster than I planned.

I ignored the sagging visage,

the invading wisps of gray.

No way do I envision,

what the mirror has to say.

I'm locked into a time frame,

who is this person that I see?

This has to be a mind game,

my brain says I'm thirty three.

My running shoes are showing wear,

as I'm slowly being overtaken.

One day I will awake and stare,

thinking I must be mistaken.

This aging person can't be me,

though I really should admit it.

What's happening to the girl I see,

I'm in denial and don't regret it.

Copyright © 2004 Meg Nelson all rights reserved

Meg says about herself: I am from a rural area in north eastern Wisconsin. Close enough to Green Bay to be a Packer backing Cheesehead. I guess I have always written but did not take it serious until being widowed and found writing a great way to fill those empty moments. I have been published in several anthologies and I have a website of my poetry. I hope you enjoy my muses strange wanderings.

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